Keep Your Head Down During Your Golf Swing, But Not When Using our Tablet
So have you ditch the cologne, socks or tie gift ideas and get dad a tablet personal computer for father’s day? As increasingly more tablets are now being purchased (Apple sold 11.8 million iPads in the second quarter of 2012, doubling sales from the same period this past year) approximately worldwide shipments for tablets are estimated to develop to more than 46 million units in 2014 in accordance with International Data Corporation (IDC).

monitor arm

As pc tablets evolve, they may be quickly eliminating the necessity for other mobile phones including laptops. So what effort is being performed on tablets, everything from watching videos, reading books, playing video games, listening to music and computing.

Unfortunately these technological advances generate a host of many health-related injury and illness. Please set aside a second to analyze this research from Harvard University on iPad & tablet usage:

Poor Neck Posture

Constantly looking down at a screen is fairly difficult on our bodies. This term is referred to as forward head posture. For each inch your mind moves forward, your face gains Ten pounds in weight. Leaning the pinnacle in the forward direction by 2-3 inches means the weight about the neck raises. This inadequate posture can lead to an additional 30-40 pounds in your spine. So reading, watching a movie, playing angry birds or answering emails on your tablet could be strenuous to the muscles attached to the occipital bone, eventually giving rise to neck pain in the lower skull.

Other Health Related Issues

Health care professionals believe when neck is poor placement, vital lung capacity may be reduced by as much as 30%. Your gastrointestinal system could be compromised and the rotation of your head & neck can be troubled. Constant pressure around the upper thoracic vertebra can essentially cause headaches, TMJ and neck pain.

Addressing the wants to provide valuable ergonomic equipment for iPads & other tablets

We are very pumped up about the iTARM (Articulating iPad & Tablet Arm). The iTArm conveniently mounts to the desktop and provides a handsfree computing by positioning your iPad/Tablet within the perfect eye level eliminating slouching and many types of the stress you apply to your system with to check down at your device. The iTArm works together any tablet or e-book reader that's no more than 5.5” to 10” tall provided that your tablet is at least 5.7” wide. All three iPads fit perfectly vertically along with horizontally on the iTArm. Today sits firmly within an adjustable cradle which can be tilted in just about any position or angle you wish. The iTArm’s reach is 37.4” long that is ideal if you wish to stand while using the tablet.

Bring the iPad or tablet inside a proper viewing level. There are numerous of inexpensive iPad stands in the marketplace. There are several that standout one is referred to as iPad SpinStand that is a hard plastic shell lined with soft rubber - offers a protective case to your iPad. Handle/stand snaps on and off - provides more flexibility useful than just a case or perhaps a stand. Smoothly spins for vertical or horizontal viewing, Anti-slip handhold to get a secure hold when in your hand. Hang your iPad out of your partition, the rear of your vehicle seat, or even a hook on the wall for straightforward viewing of media. It is lightweight for simple portability.

For use on an airplane, coffee house or college lecture hall classes the iPad Case with Built-in Bluetooth® Keyboard works together with all 3 generations of iPads. Featuring a silicone, Spill-Proof and Dust-Proof Bluetooth® Keyboard. Allows for a modifiable angle viewing having an adjustable stand. This strategy is ergonomic; since the tablet is going to be elevated to some more proper eye viewing level in a far more proper view, and the external keyboard (with its great tactile feel) the hands are more inclined to take a more neutral position. From an aesthetic prospective it really is offered in Red, Pink, White, Black and Brown.

monitor arm


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